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The practice is excited by housing and infrastructure that strengthens local communities, achieves zero carbon design and increases biodiversity. The practice is focussed on:


  • Taking a thorough approach to listening to its clients and project stakeholders;

  • Undertaking a collaborative and transparent design process.



The practice was founded by Viktor Westerdahl. Viktor is an ARB registered architect with over 10 years of industry experience in the design and delivery of small and large housing projects. Having worked with Karakusevic Carson Architects, Viktor has delivered projects to the multiple needs and requirements of complex client bodies, such as local authorities and large developers.  


His past clients include Brent Council, TFL, Canary Wharf Group, Anthology, and Red Door Ventures. With them he has led the design of a 100 unit mixed used scheme on a constrained site adjacent to a railway line in Wembley; led the technical design for a number of infill sites in Lambeth and Newham; and worked on the construction phase of a recently completed 18 unit mixed use building in Hackney. Viktor has also led domestic extension and refurbishment projects for Delvendahl Martin Architects; and assisted on a high-profile, 200 meter office building with Herzog & de Meuron in Switzerland. 


Viktor’s projects have required balancing stringent cost requirements with high aspirations and technical limitations (such as flood prone sites). Viktor uses Building Information Technology (BIM), which enables meticulous organisation of complex projects. 


Viktor graduated with distinction from The Bartlett in 2013, winning the Design and Technology award that year. He is the co-founder of a social enterprise STORE that provides architecture and design education to disadvantaged young people in London. 



Westerdahl offers a comprehensive architecture services from concept, planning through to construction. The service is set out below according to RIBA stages. It is described in relation to traditional contracts, but a suitable service can be provided for design and build or construction management contracts as well. Westerdahl takes a collaborative approach focused on listening to the client’s needs.

-   RIBA Stage 0   -

Initial Consultation

Westerdahl offers an initial free consultation, which is a good opportunity to review your project with an architect without having to commit to the service.


-   RIBA Stage 1   -

Appointment and Brief

Westerdahl will help you develop a written brief and project programme, which will form the basis for a professional service contract. This stage includes commissioning relevant surveys of your property and an initial assessment of which other consultants are needed, such as a structural and service engineers. 


-   RIBA Stage 2   -

Concept Drawings

The concept drawings are developed based on your brief, which we can discuss in further detail to capture any changes you would like to make. The project will not progress to planning until you are satisfied with the design and have signed it off.


-   RIBA Stage 3   -

Planning Drawings

With an agreed scheme the drawings are developed for planning, either for a full permission, or for prior approval. This may include conservation area consent. Westerdahl will engage in any consultation needed with the planners, as well as help you meet any conditions of the approval once granted. 


-   RIBA Stage 4   -

Building Control Application

After planning permission or permitted development has been granted, Westerdahl will produce a set of detailed technical drawings for building control. These drawings will show compliance with building regulations, such as fire safety and thermal performance. The drawings will be submitted for Building Regulations Approval to either the local Council’s Building Control Department or to an Approved Building Control Inspector.


Tender Information

Westerdahl will produce a comprehensive set of information for tender. This includes further technical details and a written specification itemising the works. The tender drawings and the specification will form the basis for the tender negotiations and ensure quality throughout construction.



Westerdahl will help you manage the tender process by recommend suitable building contractors and invite the chosen prospects to tender. This includes reviewing tender responses and interviewing shortlisted companies to find the most suitable candidate for the job. Westerdahl will also help you select the right building contract and complete the relevant paperwork. For a traditional contract, Westerdahl can act as contract administrator.

-   RIBA Stage 5   -

Construction Information

Following tender negotiations, the tender drawings are reviewed together with the contractor to ensure all aspects of the design can be delivered onsite. Further technical detail and information will be provided if required by the contractor. This process includes resolving any outstanding site issues that may emerge as work starts.

Contract Administration

During construction Westerdahl will maintain day-to-day contact with the contractor on your behalf. This includes regular site visits to ensure the works is carried out to the quality set out in the contract documents. Westerdahl will report to you on the progress of the work and ensure any defects are corrected in a timely manner. The process includes checking the builder’s invoices to ensure they correspond to the progress of the works.


-   RIBA Stage 6   -


Westerdahl will carry out detailed inspection and certify practical completion of the works. This is followed by a period in which any defects needs to be rectified by the contractor. The defects period is concluded with final inspection and issue the Final Certificate, after which the project is complete.


-   RIBA Stage 7   -

Follow Up

After completion Westerdahl is still available and interested in discussing the project to make sure it performs well on a day to day basis.



Post: 7 Askill Drive, Putney, London SW15 2HX


Phone: 07972 845785


Architects Registration Board Number; 085496D 

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